About Thinknext

We think socially and fulfill our civil responsibilities to identify, nurture, and advance the ambitions of the next generation of community organizations, aspiring leaders, and entrepreneurs.

We are a social enterprise that invests in the personal and professional growth of organizations and individuals who in turn make measurable positive impacts in their local communities while serving the common good of society. In short, we help caring and visionary people help others by aiding them in expanding their network of potential mentors, supporters and advisors, while developing their business and nonprofit acumen.

Thinknext consists of a talented team of diverse professionals who are committed to preparing the next generation of leaders, community organizations, and social entrepreneurs. We will do so by providing free or affordable access to resources, training, and interactions with experienced leaders in their respective fields. Through these activities, we aim to enhance our friends’ abilities to achieve their personal, business and social objectives. Because we aim to build a community of the next socially, responsible organizations and leaders, we call our partners and clients friends and our donors and supporters are called promotors. Our promotors help us make others aware about what we do while enabling us to help some of our friends.

Our Brand

Our brand is about being forward-thinkers and moving forward in every aspect of what we do. We know that once the day is done, none of us can go rewind the clock. So our focus is forever on the next day, next opportunity, next worthy cause or the next great socially responsible leader. The THINKNEXT brand and our “Think socially. Think responsibly. thinknextTM” campaign is all about our commitment to advancing social causes and enabling socially responsible organizations, leaders and entrepreneurs in their efforts to better themselves and their community.

Our brand represents our commitment to continually think about individuals and groups that have the potential to do some amazing things. We simply believe their next has no limits.

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