The core of what we do in order to help you Network, Grow, and Launch can be summed up through our five areas of focus. We believe that in order to grow personally and professionally; expand your circle of friends and supporters; contribute to your community; and thrive in a world that has become very digital, you need to master these five critical skill elements.

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Focus areas explained

  • Networking – We enable you to develop relationships that provide both value and access.
  • Strategy – We help you define your future destination and the steps to get there.
  • Entrepreneurship – Train and educate you on financial literacy, small business and nonprofit matters while sponsoring contests that will enable and encourage participate to demonstrate their business acumen.
  • Leadership development – Develop leadership soft skills and expand your entrepreneurship and nonprofit understanding
  • Digital presence – Learn to develop, plan, and executive effective online strategic for your personal, business or community initiative.